Maria Luísa Almeida

Associação Rural Move (Rural Move)

I was born in the north of Portugal, on All Saints' Day, in the year of Woodstock, and I currently live in Porto. I'm all about causes and volunteering, and it's through volunteering that I'm pursuing my childhood dream of one day becoming a nurse. Mum to a beautiful 27-year-old boy and "slave" to my cat Cupcake, I specialise in Customer Service and, because I believe that excellence is transversal, I've worked in areas as diverse as drinks sales, technological equipment (Bragg networks - FBG), tourism and geriatric assistance. During the pandemic (2020), together with other "displaced persons", we formed the Rural Move Association which, with partners, works to redefine the human, economic and demographic landscape of rural areas, contributing to their revitalisation.


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