Abílio José Maroto Amiguinho

Licenciado em Sociologia e Doutor em Ciências da Educação, especialidade em Formação de Adultos | Degree in Sociology and a PhD in Education Sciences, specializing in Adult Education.

Is a retired Coordinating Professor at the Department of Social Sciences, Territory and Development at the School of Education and Social Sciences of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, where he has worked since 1986.  

Is a founding member of the Institute of Educational Communities. He was President of the Board of Directors of the Higher School of Education of Portalegre and President of the Association of Public Higher Schools of Education. Was a member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Education's Institute for Educational Innovation. Was President of the Scientific Council of ESECS.  

As a teacher in Higher Education he has worked in areas such as School Administration, Educational Research, Adult Education, Social and Community Intervention and Social Service, both in Undergraduate and Master's courses.   

Has coordinated or integrated teams of several projects of socio-educational intervention from which we highlight the ECO II Project or the Rural Schools Project, in the Northeast Alentejo Region, or more recently the Project Potencializar Recursos, Valorizar e Qualificar Pessoas e Organizações, also in a rural environment and in this region of the country. 

Is the author of several articles and book chapters, published in Portugal or abroad, and of the books Living the Formation Building the Change and The School and the Future of the Rural World, and co-organizer of the book Schools and Change, the Role of Training Centers. 

Currently integrates the Social Bodies of the Institute of Educational Communities and the Cooperativa Operária Portalegrense, a cultural cooperative registered in CASES, where he integrates projects of intervention of aging in the community, in low density territories and in an intergenerational perspective.

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