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The 3rd Congress of the Interdisciplinary Research Unit - Functional Ageing Communities, of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, addresses the theme of Sustainability in Ageing.

Over three days (16th, 17th and 18th of November, 2023), this international event will present and explore the theme of sustainability understood in its integrated dimension, and therefore, in its environmental, economic, social, political and cultural aspects.

The long-term implications of ageing and declining populations for sustainability have received limited attention in the policies and practices of different sectors and countries. These themes have mostly been explored from the point of view of the economy, work capacity, savings, reforms, housing and the provision of health and well-being services. In this context, the focus of discussion in modern society on this bidirectional relationship between ageing and population decline is centered on the problem/obstacle in pursuing the objectives and not on the possibility or opportunity that may exist. This dynamic can simultaneously present multiple positive and negative ramifications for sustainability in terms of economic growth, development of the public, private and social sectors, consumption patterns, pollution, definition of care practices, among others.

The aim of this 3rd Age.Comm Congress is to explore the theme from a life cycle perspective, understanding this as a structure with high porosity in which the different stages of life are interconnected in an interdependence that must be of common benefit so that more and more is possible we reinforce the sustainability of resources. The paradigm shift implies a structural renewal in the different institutional, social and political sectors, and involves restructuring the concepts and to include a Society in Active and Healthy Ageing, but also Sustainable.

The congress will be a space for discussion and reflection on the challenges and opportunities that the current moment presents. It is intended to build transversal, interdependent and integrated knowledge of a dynamic vision of sustainability, through dialogue between communities with different cultural, scientific, social, geographic, environmental, technological and attitudinal experiences. The objective is the development of older societies and integrated into societies.

The event will be divided into different thematic axes, considering Sustainability in Aging as a central theme:

1- Environment, education and culture
2- Social participation and governance
3- Health, equity and vulnerability
4- Emerging and digital technologies

The 3rd Age.Comm Congress will be a unique opportunity to deepen knowledge on the topic of Sustainability in Ageing and to reflect on the long-term implications of ageing and population decline for sustainability.

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